A Latin adjective meaning “better”. 
With emphasis on a positive mindset and training purpose, Meliora will make your fitness and lifestyle goals enjoyable and achievable. We can work together to Be a Better You. 


About Meliora.U

I'm Courtney Muscat; founder and owner of Meliora.U. I am a Certified Fitness Coach and Nutritionist in the making. My passion for health and fitness began just over two years ago when I felt so lost in life not knowing what to do with my future career. I had bounced around numerous courses, training at my local gym and working at Greater Western Health, a Physiotherapy and Podiatry Clinic. Being around practitioners who promote healthy training, with a huge emphasis on activation and correct technique, it gave me a huge insight into training and that is when I was introduced to CrossFit training. I quickly became aware of just how strong and capable my body was of achieving something if I had put my mind to it. With huge courage, I deferred the University course I had been completing at the time and began my Certificates in Fitness. 

While completing my courses I felt as though I needed some real life experience, and what better way to do that by competing in a Physique Competition. Wow did I go into it blindly...

However nearly a year down the track I have learnt so very much with the support from mentors and currently stand here prepping for my third show! I am currently completing a Nutritionist course which will aid me to assist my clients to making healthy relationships with food and nourishing their body. But for now, I plan to break the training stigma and encourage everyone to move their bodies and acknowledge the power and strength our bodies provide us. 

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